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Building commissioning for new construction is a systematic process that documents that systems are designed, installed and operate in accordance with the owners project requirements. Commissioning integrates design, construction and operations to facilitate “big picture” project success, controlling conditions often underserved in the typical design and construction process. We commission for system performance, and our philosophy dictates we treat each facility as if we would operate it for the next twenty years. This enhances the quality of the project, which is reflected by improved energy efficiency, sufficient access to equipment, better operational characteristics and improved training of personnel.


MIH offers expert knowledge of LEED qualifications and procedures to help your building achieve certification. LEED Commissioning helps building owners and operators become environmentally responsible by using resources efficiently.  The regulations are predicated on a set of rating systems that are used for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings.  This provides building owners and operators with the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on building performance. MIH offers Fundamental Commissioning, which is a pre-requisite for most LEED projects, as well as Enhanced Commissioning which can provide up to 6 points toward certification in the latest version of LEED. MIH also conducts blower door testing for compliance with the LEED Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control requirements. Additionally, MIH can help obtain other Energy & Atmosphere and Indoor Air Quality credits.


MIH is a registered Class 1 Special Inspection Agency, accredited by IAS to perform the following categories of special inspections:

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Heating Systems

  • Smoke Control Systems

  • Fuel Oil Storage and Piping

  • Emergency and Standby Power Systems


 MIH also conducts Progress Inspections for Energy Code Compliance. Combining commissioning and special inspection services provides value to our clients by reducing the number of consultants they need to complete a project.


The majority of existing buildings have not undergone any type of commissioning or quality assurance process. Over time building performance tends to degrade due to operational and occupancy changes. Most buildings are performing well below their potential, use more energy than necessary and cost more to operate than they should. Commissioning responds to an owner’s desire to improve building performance, solve comfort and operational problems and reduce operating costs. Existing building commissioning involves investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of building systems through operational and maintenance improvement measures and ensuring their continued performance over time. The process assists in making the building systems perform interactively to meet the owner’s current facility requirements.


Energy Audits are the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expenses and carbon footprints.  A Level II Energy Audit can provide a wealth of information about how efficiently a building is operating.The process starts with a preliminary energy use analysis, where utility bill data is compiled, analyzed, and compared to similar buildings. Detailed site surveys and interviews with facilities management are then completed to identify low cost / no cost recommendations as well as capital improvements. A list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) is then compiled with estimated energy savings, implementation costs, and simple payback periods. If any government or utility incentives are available, MIH will help guide the building owner through the application process.


NYC Local Law 87 requires buildings over 50,000 square feet to have an energy audit and retro-commissioning completed once every ten years, as assigned by its block and lot number. MIH is certified to perform both of these services, and can help guide building owners through the entire process. MIH understands that keeping an active building running smoothly is every property manager's first priority, and as such we work with our clients to ensure the process does not interfere with day-to-day operations of the facility. Additionally, our flexibility in scheduling will ensure that the facility has ample time to make the required retro-commissioning corrections by the DOB deadlines. We take a very thorough approach in carrying out Local Law 87 services and want to leave each building operating better than we found it.


MIH has partnered with FacilityConnex , an intelligent monitoring and knowledge action system that delivers energy savings and operational efficiency through smart asset monitoring, fault detection, diagnostics, and advanced predictive analytics. Data from your BMS system is exported to the cloud where advanced analytic engines can predict failures before they start and identify energy savings in real time. Additional LEED points can be obtained by deploying this system in new buildings, and rebate incentives in existing buildings can help cover part of the cost.


Our expert team of engineers has the experience to evaluate existing MEP infrastructure and advise on its condition and ability to be re-purposed. From a developer looking for expert opinion prior to purchasing an existing asset, to a design team looking for advice on which systems to keep and which to replace, we leverage our combined experience in new and existing buildings to provide our clients with all the information they need to make an informed decision.

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