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MIH uses a FANWALL system to replace older, end of life fans in 

existing air handlers. This is a cost effective solution for avoiding the cost and business disruption of an air handler failure. MIH has performed retrofits using a FANWALL system in applications ranging from offices, educational and hospitality facilities, to facilities with critical requirements such as hospitals, data centers and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

An air handler cabinet can retain its integrity well beyond fans, coils and other components, allowing it to be retained with a new FANWALL system. ​The modular design of FANWALL system allows individual cubes to be navigated through a standard 3-foot door and assembled inside the existing air handler cabinet. ​There is no need to have a crane on site as is often the case with larger, more conventional fans.


The performance of the new system can be upgraded to better match actual capacity and airflow requirements. Ancillary components such as sound attenuators and air blenders that created static pressure penalties in the old system can be removed. Design flaws and other maintenance concerns — such as component access issues and corrosion — can also be addressed, essentially resulting in a new, more efficient air handler in an old skin. Retrofits often can occur over a weekend or during unoccupied time frames to minimize downtime or disruption of normal business.


Adding VFDs to existing pump and fan motors provides an excellent opportunity for energy savings. Thanks to the exponential relationship between motor speed and power consumption, even modest reductions in speed can lead to vast energy and cost savings. This makes VFD retrofits have one of the lowest payback times of all HVAC capital projects. MIH provides turn-key services and ensures downtime of critical equipment is kept to a minimum.


Through proper planning and an integrated approach, MIH professionals will help your projects achieve and maintain long term benefits, while managing initial costs to fit the budget.  We analyze how your projects can benefit from federal, state and local tax incentive programs and can provide the recommendations and documentation to aid in qualifying for these tax incentives.  These tax incentives may be achievable with little or no initial financial outlay from the client.

Natatorium Systems

MIH has extensive knowledge and experience in humidity control systems and can handle all aspects of upgrading the temperature and humidity control for Natatoriums. The latest equipment provides precise control of environmental conditions while also adding energy recovery capabilities which allow the waste heat from the HVAC system to be used to heat the pool water.

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