LL87 requires that all buildings 50,000 gross square feet or greater undergo an energy audit every ten (10) years, along with retro-commissioning, to “tune up” the building’s existing systems and ensure efficient operation

MIH currently employs Certified Building Commissioning Professionals (CBCP) and LEED AP's who are qualified retro-commissioning agents under the law and has strong relationships with energy auditors and engineering firms making retrofit recommendations.  

Energy Auditing

​​MIH energy consultants are available to provide energy consumption studies for your existing systems. The studies will show you both where your utility costs are being spent and the simple paybacks you can achieve when commissioning and/or retrofit installations are completed on your systems.

Financial Incentives
Through proper planning and an integrated approach, MIH professionals will help your projects achieve and maintain long term benefits, while managing initial costs to fit the budget.  We analyze how your projects can benefit from federal, state and local tax incentive programs and can provide the recommendations and documentation to aid in qualifying for these tax incentives.  These tax incentives may be achievable with little or no initial financial outlay from the client. 

At MIH we are passionate about “green” topics and want to inform and inspire as many people as we can